Teddies and Rainbows: Embrace cuteness!

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February 3, 2016

Teddies and Rainbows: Embrace cuteness!

Teddies and Rainbows Game

“Once upon a time, an evil witch captured all teddy bears who were in love, placing them in bubbles. Then she threw the bubbles high into the sky, with the teddies inside, so the wind would take them away. They would be forever alone…

Free the teddy bears, and help they find their true love!”


Teddies and Rainbows is a collaboration between MovilFin and Clockwork Monster Games. It is a small game for children, with simple controls and cute artwork.


We put a lot of care into this game, and we hope that you´ll enjoy playing it.


The Game:

Fly through the sky. Save the cute teddy bears, and find their true love! Pop the bubbles and match up pairs of the same color, but avoid the minions of the evil Witch!

It is very easy to play!
Tap and hold to fly up, release to fly down. Pick up teddy bears trapped in bubbles, and pair them with teddies of the same color.

Fulfill objectives to advance levels before time expires, and avoid evil minions!
Get the highest score and share it with your friends!

Game features:
– Simple one touch game play.
– 100% free, no in-app purchases.
– Endless Levels.
– Share your High Scores with your Friends.
– Lots of cute teddy bears!


You can also play the game in your browser, thanks to unity3D´s WebGL:
Clockwork Monster
Clockwork Monster
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