Orangepixel’s Space Grunts now available!

February 1, 2016
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March 28, 2016

Orangepixel’s Space Grunts now available!


Orangepixel’s latest game Space Grunts is now (finally!) available on iOS and Android.


The game will be approx $3.99 (may vary based on currency and / or country specific taxes)

with a 50% launch discount during the first 2 days for loyal Orangepixel fans and early-birds :)


Space Grunts mixes an action game with a turn-based roguelike:

Quick instant turns and inventory handling meets screen-shakes, big explosions, and intense action.


The game can be completed by experienced, and fast, players in an hour, but most sessions will probably end in under 10 minutes dying a horrible death in the moonbase.


So far I haven’t managed to complete it myself, and I’m the guy who wrote the game!


Space Grunts started out as the sci-fi sequel to Heroes of Loot, but quickly turned into a new game and a different genre. A “turn-based game Orangepixel style”.  Mixing strategy and decision-making with fast movements and arcade gameplay.



  • a 16 level deep moonbase
  • many secrets like hidden rooms and hidden alternate worlds / paths
  • no in-app payments!  Just a pay-once-and-play price
  • a large collection of consumable items to figure out on how best to use them
  • secret combinations of items for extra power
  • unlockable characters
  • a daily challenge
  • all procedurally generated, no 2 games will be the same, ever!


The story


I (Pascal) developed the game without knowing anything about turn-based games. I’m more of an action gamer, and never liked the slow-pace that many turn-based games bring to the table.  The result is the action game I like to play, but turn-based!    


I started working on the game based on a challenge from friends telling me to try my hands at something new. The result is a very enjoyable turn-based game, with some depth but not too much to keep it interesting for both action gamers and the more thoughtful tactical gamer.


Hope you enjoy it! :)


The quick links:

A short, “just one-minute of your time”, release trailer::


Official website


App store:


Google Play:


Request steam or ios or android promocodes

or contact support – at –


Media assets (screenshots + banner):




  • Space Grunts keeps surprising. Players with over 20 hours of game time still run into new and mysterious things
  • Space Grunts is Orangepixel’s first EVER turn-based game (never played one before this)
  • Space Grunts blends most of the original rogue-like properties with arcade action screen-shakes, big explosions and fast gameplay
  • Space Grunts has been out on Steam and Steam Early Access, getting many improvements from the community which are now all available in the mobile version
  • Space Grunts is really something you have to play, so go play!


Orangepixel is a one-man Dutch game developer, working on games since 2004, creating popular games like Heroes of Loot, Gunslugs and Meganoid for PC, console and mobile


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