Rumble Media GmbH, Germany
Online gaming company and operator of

Crafty Studios, Austria
Established Game Developers with >50 online and offline games

Smuttlewerk, Germany
Small development studio making mobile games for iOS and Android.

Crazy Bunch, Germany
Young, yet experienced developers focusing on creating games and interactive media..

Breta Games, Czech Republic
Fresh mobile game studio, that launched its first game "Upong" in July 2015.

FreezeNova, Romania
Mobile game developers with popular titles like "Masked Shooters" or "Evolution".

Carl Games, Ukraine
... a fresh development team from Ukraine. Their first game is called "Chicken Madness"

BoosterMedia, Netherlands
BoosterMedia is the world leader in Html5 game development.

UBJ3D, Croatia
... a Croatian developer with over a dozen great mobile games.

Orangepixel, Netherlands
Indie game developer with a love for pixel art and retro.

Gamexy, Russia
Mobile game developer ("Mafia Rush") from St. Petersburg .

BoaNeo AB, Sweden
Independent mobile game developer with a versatile portfolio.

Butcher Lab Limited, United Kingdom
Independent game studio "bringing you unabashed gaming goodness".

PLEMSOFT is making software, (mobile) games and gaming websites.

IRF Media, United Kingdom
IRF Media is a game studio making mobile games for iOS and Android.

Clockwork Monster Games, Spain
... a small game studio from Spain, that simply love making games!

Andrew Selyanin, Russia
... an indie dev from Russia, who has just released his first game "Sky Hex"

BW Games, Italy
Game studio developing simple, free, 2D apps with a minimalistic style.

JSKET, Russia
Experienced dev team making games for Android, IOS and Flash.

Joyfield, Ukraine
Experienced Indie studio focusing on casual and mid­core mobile games.