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December 10, 2015
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Damaged fingers, sharpened weapons and lots of fun – this is how the second game from Carl Games can be described as. Russians are notorious not only for Russian roulette game, but also for games with knife. Children were always curious about such dangerous adult games, but now they have an opportunity to try it even without parents permission and play it in a safe way.

Chop’n’Bop – is a knife game simulator, which is safe to play and fun to kill time with. Rules are simple: one hand and one sharp weapon, which is constantly speeding up, so it’s easier to lose a life point. You have to tap on screen on order to hit the table, not the hand. This game has a variety of hands and weapons, which differ by quantity of life points and inflicted damage. So you can play with sai and hulk hand or butcher knife and robot hand – it’s up to you! Not all the equipment is available from the beginning. You still have to lose bunch of life points and play for some time in order to earn game points, which will allow you to buy new hand or weapon. So sharpen your digital weapons, prepare your digital hands and let’s chop!

Main features:
– 8 unique weapons;
– 5 hands;
– 2 tables.


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